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At N1C, we are committed to accelerating the development of individualized medicines.

In today's rapidly evolving landscape of medicine, the development of individualized therapies holds immense promise for patients with rare genetic diseases. Yet, in these early days, researchers and practitioners often face significant barriers to accessing the resources and funding necessary to propel therapies forward. 


We believe that by providing streamlined access to essential resources throughout the drug development process, we empower our research community to develop treatments safely, effectively, and rapidly. Through collaborative efforts with generous donors who share our vision, we strive to drive forward the advancement of individualized medicine for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Overview and Timeline

Submit Application

  • Eligibility: Open to all entities working towards developing individualized medicine, including academic institutions, for-profit organizations, and international researchers.

  • Application Process: Applicants are invited to submit their proposals through our web portal.

Application Review

  • Review Panel: N1C reserves the right to exercise discretion in the selection of advisory panel members with relevant expertise pertinent to drug development and individualized medicine.

  • Response Time: Applicants will receive a decision within 3 weeks of submission.

  • Evaluation Criteria:

    • Direct relevance to individualized medicine development

    • Urgency of the need for resources

    • Commitment to sharing data with the N1C community

    • Securement of additional funding to support the project

    • Overall merit of the project and team

Additional Requirements

  • Material Transfer Agreement (MTA): Successful applicants will enter into an MTA with the donor, detailing the terms of resource usage.

  • Data Sharing Agreement (DSA): A DSA between the recipient and N1C must be executed to facilitate open data sharing.


  • Resource Allocation: Upon agreement execution, resources will be allocated and prepared for shipment.

  • Shipping Arrangements: Shipping methods are to be coordinated between the donor and recipient. Please note that N1C does not cover shipping costs.


More Information

Resource Sourcing:

  • Donor Contributions: Industry supporters generously donate resources voluntarily, which may be in limited quantities.

  • Cost Structure: Some resources are provided free of charge, while others may be available at significant discounts.

Release of Liability:

  • Quality Assurance: N1C does not perform quality control on donated resources.

  • Liability Clause: Recipients agree to a release of liability, acknowledging that they do not hold N1C responsible for the quality or condition of the resources received.

Data Sharing:

  • Data Sharing Commitment: Priority is given to applicants who agree to the N1C DSA, demonstrating their dedication to community-wide data sharing.

Publication Acknowledgment:

  • Credit: All publications resulting from the use of donated resources should include the following acknowledgement: “[Resource] was obtained from [Company], a donor within The N=1 Collaborative Resource Hub.”

For further questions please contact

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