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Our Team

The N=1 Collaborative is an international network of experts working together to bring individualized treatments to rare disease patients. We are initially focused on the use of antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) as they are rapidly customizable. Through our efforts with ASOs, we are establishing a standardized framework for individualized medicine that will extend to other customizable platform technologies such as siRNAs, RNA therapeutics, and CRISPR as well.

Multidisciplinary collaboration was vital to making the earliest individualized medicines – milasen, jacifusen, and afinersen – possible. This collaborative ethos continues to be necessary in order to learn and improve.


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of visionaries across academia, industry, and patient advocacy that lead N1C on our mission of making individualized medicines routine. With a global perspective and collective commitment to foster a culture of collaboration, the Board of Directors provides strategic direction and oversight as N1C pioneers the advancement of this emerging field.

Operations Team

O Operations Team plays a crucial role in translating organization goals into tangible action. Serving as a vital conduit, they ensure smooth coordination among workgroups, volunteers, and leadership.

Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board is an assembly of internationally acclaimed clinician-scientists, researchers, patients and companies from across the globe who are committed to opening up the novel field of individualized medicines. Hundreds of participants acknowledge the importance of sharing experience and processes in order to reach this mission.


Our multidisciplinary special focus workgroups are at the forefront of establishing best practices for the standardization of individualized medicines. Their collaborative efforts are ensuring that treatments can be developed safely, effectively, rapidly, and accessibly.

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