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Winston Yan, PhD

Winston Yan, MD, PhD

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Harvard Medical School

Boston, MA, USA

Winston is a genome engineer and organization builder motivated by bringing genetic medicines to treating patients with serious disease. He graduated with a degree in Physics from Harvard College; afterwards, he joined the Harvard/MIT MD-PhD program, where he completed his PhD with Feng Zhang at MIT/Broad Institute, working to enable therapeutic applications of CRISPR genome editing technologies. Following his PhD, he started Arbor Biotechnologies in 2017 with David Scott, David Walt, ,and Feng Zhang to bring the genetic cures to a wider array of diseases by scaling the discovery and therapeutic development of new genome editing tools. At Arbor, in his role as co-founder, Head of Operations, and member of the Leadership Team, Winston helped drive the development of Arbor's technology platform and company strategy, while building out key aspects of early culture and operational efficiency. This allowed Arbor to become a leader in novel CRISPR enzyme discovery, as well as grow to a team of 50 and bring in over $85M in funding total between Series A and R&D Collaborations with Vertex Pharmaceuticals. 

Having had the incredible opportunity to be an early part of the CRISPR revolution, build a thriving biotech, and learn in cutting-edge clinical environments, Winston aspires to bring together the scientific, strategic, and operational parts of his background to help build the N1C with the care and urgency that rare disease patients need. 

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