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Models for Sustainable Discovery

January, 30 - Jeff Milton, CEO of La Jolla Labs - “A Model for Sustainable Discovery in Rare Disease”

Millions of patients world-wide suffer from rare disease and while non-profit organizations provide a platform for certain indications, only a few have succeeded in delivering meaningful therapeutics to patients. To address rare disease in a comprehensive and sustainable manner requires a fundamental change to drug discovery; a change that opens a competitive landscape with risks and rewards that match those found in big pharma. I will present a model that leverages modern technology and the interconnected nature of disease to provide “economic runways” for many rare disease programs.

Jeff Milton is Founder and CEO of La Jolla Labs, a new company developing technology for RNA therapeutics. Prior to this Jeff was Head of Data Sciences at Arcturus Therapeutics where he worked on several rare disease programs including both RNA-targeting and mRNA modalities. Jeff served as Director of Functional Genomics and Drug Discovery at Ionis Pharmaceuticals where he led teams in bioinformatics and screening technology. Prior to this he worked in the Bioinformatics Department at Genentech. Jeff currently serves as an advisor to his alma mater, the Mellon College of Science at Carnegie Mellon University.


We envision a future where individualized medicine centers around the world routinely offer patients customized treatments targeting their condition’s underlying genetic cause.



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