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NEW N1C Seminar Series

January 2023

We are excited to kick off the New Year with a series of monthly seminars and case studies open to the public. Seminars will be hosted biweekly on Mondays 10:30 - 11:30 am US Eastern Time. Each hour-long session will be broken into two segments including workshops, case conferences, and presentations on relevant topics. This series was designed to be both informational and an opportunity for robust discussion from the community.


N1C Workgroups are focused on key topics such as Patient Identification, Outcome Measures and Preclinical Design and Safety. Each group will present to the full community with a focus on gaining fundamental insight and feedback from you to shape our workstreams.

Case Conferences

We encourage members to present (de-identified) cases they are working on in order to share their learnings and allow for feedback from the community. Individualized cases offer a wealth of information to others and an opportunity to receive constructive feedback.


Speakers will discuss relevant topics such as pre-clinical safety prediction, reimbursement and the ecosystem needed for routine individualized medicines. We believe that to rethink the drug development process for this new paradigm, we must employ a holistic approach inclusive of relevant issues inside and outside of the lab and clinic.

Upcoming Seminars

Highlights of seminars in January include the following:

  • Jan. 23 - Winston Yan, President of N1C - “An Overview of the N=1 Collaborative” and Tim Yu, Geneticist & Neurologist, Boston Children’s Hospital - “ASO Treatment for KCNT1

  • Jan. 30 - Jeff Milton, CEO of La Jolla Labs - “Models for Sustainable Discovery”

The success of this series depends on your engagement - the participation and feedback of all members are indispensable to our collaborative. Additionally, if you are interested in presenting on a topic or discussing a (de-identified) case, please reach out to Erin McConnell at

We hope you join us and share this with your colleagues. We look forward to hearing your voices!

- N1C Team


We envision a future where individualized medicine centers around the world routinely offer patients customized treatments targeting their condition’s underlying genetic cause.



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